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Every day, Motherisk counselors answer calls from hundreds of women and their doctors, seeking urgent information about the safety or risk of common medications, drugs, medicinal plants, chemicals, infections and other agents that might affect their unborn children.

Yet for each woman we help, many more remain beyond our reach. We just don't have the people and resources to help them all. Your gift today can help us handle the daily flood of calls from concerned and caring women and men, reach out to all women of child-bearing age, including the young and less fortunate in our very own community and uncover life-saving answers through controlled research.

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Support Motherisk"I desperately needed help when I found out I was pregnant in the spring of 1996. First, because of the 'surprise' and second because I was undergoing treatment for Rosacea and was taking antibiotics. My doctor looked up the drug, tetracycline, said I had to have an immediate abortion… . Then I called Motherisk. The calm person who answered my call that day asked me a few questions and was able to confirm that all would be well with the fetus due to the stage I was at and the amount of drugs I had taken. I went on to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy just before Christmas - we called him Deaven (from heaven!) and he's been a constant joy to all our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - A Motherisk caller
Support Motherisk "Last December, I sought your help regarding a couple of tranquilizers I had taken within the first few weeks of my pregnancy. The prescribing doctor and a well-respected obstetrician had suggested that I abort the pregnancy. As a result of your advice, my husband and I are the ecstatic parents of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I cannot thank you enough…" - From a Motherisk patient
Support Motherisk "I cried when I read an announcement about your NVP (morning sickness) helpline. I suffered with severe morning sickness twice. I was lucky and now have two beautiful, healthy daughters. I still look at my girls for signs of abnormalities due to being so ill… I wish I had known where to turn." - A Motherisk caller
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